[Fis] What is a machine?

Bruno Marchal marchal at ulb.ac.be
Sun Nov 3 11:24:16 CET 2019

> On 25 Oct 2019, at 21:02, Stanley N Salthe <ssalthe en binghamton.edu> wrote:
>> Bruno, Joseph -- Somewhat delayed: I can contribute my 1993 definition of 'machine' as: "the most highly specified object there can be" No natural system qualifies under this definition.

That is a quite astonishing definition, which makes sense for the digital machine (which can be seen as relative natural numbers, which I agree might not make sense in Nature. This is a quasi theorem in the Digital Mechanist Theory, as nature is “only” an appearance emerging from a relative statistics on all computations. Nature, in that frame is how the numbers see the numbers, and they cannot observe them, just a not entirely computable emerging pattern. In that setting, physics is no more a science studying an ontological reality, but a relative appearance brought by a statistics on all machine’s experience (and this is confirmed by quantum mechanics without wave packet reduction, like in Everett theory. This makes physics into a branch of digital information theory/computer science.


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