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(Some FISers might be interested in this  Special Issue)



The Journal *Biosystems (Elsevier)* is preparing a special issue devoted 
to examining the evolution and dynamics of social systems from a variety 
of perspectives. It will coordinated by Andrei Igamberdiev  (BioSystems' 
Editor in Chief) and Pedro C. Marijuan (Information Scientist). It is an 
ambitious multidisciplinary enterprise that aims to the contribution of 
leading figures in multiple fields. See the rationale of the issue and a 
tentative list of topics below. The deadline will be May 2020. We would 
appreciate your comments and your involvement in this intellectual venture.

Andrei & Pedro

*A new dialog on the evolution and dynamics of social systems

We are living in decades of extremely fast and deep social change at a 
global scale, almost unprecedented in the historical record, and only 
comparable to the combined effects of the scientific and industrial 
revolutions. Making sense of the occurring transformations and helping 
to orient for a viable future –with so many challenges ahead– goes 
beyond any single mind or beyond any particular branch of the sciences, 
including the social sciences themselves. Indeed a new dialog on the 
evolution and dynamics of societies, from a combination of perspectives 
involving all the major sciences, has become a highly convenient and 
timely exercise. From its founding in 1967, BioSystems has been an 
avant-garde journal, and has explored the densest 
interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary topics in the different epochs, 
exemplified by charismatic chief editors such as the team formed by 
Michael Conrad and Lynn Margulis. At the present social juncture, we 
invite the scholarly community to join this BioSystems special issue, 
apportioning views from areas such as evolutionary biology, 
paleo-anthropology, evolutionary psychology, network science, non-linear 
economics, “social physics”, social psychology, social and political 
sciences, artificial intelligence, computer science, and of course the 
new approaches to history and social evolution. We can only promise that 
the collaboration will be an exciting collective enterprise.
**Possible Topics*

Evolutionary sociality, Human social systems, Communication and cultural 
evolution, Social networks, Societal flows,  Scaling societies, Social 
Physics, Social/economic/technic information, Informational societies, 
Psychology of the social, Deconstructed societies, The World System, 
Hierarchies vs. networks, Globalized civilization, Unlimited progress?, 
Economic rationality?, Societal collapse?, Historical cyclicity?, 


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