[Fis] FIS in IS4SI (& Sentic Forms!)

Pedro C. Marijuan pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es
Mon Feb 11 14:04:26 CET 2019

Dear FIS Colleagues,

*As you can see in the web of the IS4SI next conference, 
**there is a FIS mini-conference planned--in the "Submissions" section 
of that web.*
*Those FISers willing to participate in the Conference, and to submit 
within  that slot, **
**could they please contact me offline in order to organize it?*

On another matter, I have always been very intrigued by the idea of 
"sentic forms"
postulated by Manfred Eigen decades ago. He was a polymath and very 
gifted musician.
According to him, some musical (or vocal) accords represent instinctive 
codes for the sharing
of basic emotions among individuals and even across species.
Well, I do not remember a show of sentic forms such as the song I 
referred recently.
See the interpretation at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32d1bq-kG5c
In spite that it is sung in Spanish, I think every one can understand it...
This very young singer mesmerizes audiences and has often made people 
burst into tears.
What kind of communication does she establish?

All the best

Pedro C. Marijuán
Grupo de Bioinformación / Bioinformation Group

pcmarijuan.iacs at aragon.es

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